A new attraction for gamers all over the world

Ubisoft Montreal has amazed video game fans once again with the release of the new “Far Cry 4” action-adventure video game on Dec. 22. Available for today’s platforms (Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles), this game is very convenient for many gamers all over the world. This follow-up of the popular “Far Cry” franchise is still considered “fresh off the pan.”

The game takes place in the fictional Himalayan country of Kyrat, and the gamer plays the role of Ajay Ghale, the American son of Kyrati freedom fighters. His primary duty is to return to his birthplace in the Himalayas in order to scatter his mother’s ashes; however, he returns to discover a revolution has broken out amongst his people, and he decides he must help them prevail. Instead of focusing on spreading his mother’s ashes, the player now takes on the responsibility of fighting in the revolution. The main character scavenges the massive world for missions that involve the destruction of enemy outposts and the conquest of high towering beacons that grant new land to the player and allies.

A player is left breathless after only a few hours of playing. Minute after minute, he or she is left to uncover the country of Kyrat piece by piece. Hidden treasures with shiny loot lurk in deep lakes and rivers. Upon opening the crate, the character may come across something as useful as a new weapon or as useless as a wet used rag. Famished predators that act as additional obstacles in the game stalk the player from the shadows as he or she progresses through the journey. Various crafting capabilities are available to players in the world of Kyrat. You are able to collect different assortments of plants and herbs to create healing syringes that protect you in the heat of battle or go hunting with a tribal bow in order to collect skins to craft them into devices to hold your ammunition. If a cliff stands in your way of completing an important mission, simply use your grappling hook to scale the rocky walls.

The realistic environment and circumstances presented throughout the game are what make the playing experience unique. Upon getting hurt, the protagonist can bandage up his wounds or stick a syringe into his arm to relieve himself of the pain. If a bee hive gets shot down above the character, he will pull out the deadly stingers as a way of healing. These situations are designed in a very realistic way throughout the game.

“Far Cry 4” has a very unique skilling system when you level up as well. There are two skilling categories to choose from: tiger or elephant. Both have their alternate features; the tiger offers more hand-to-hand combat, stealth and speed while the elephant offers more survivability, the power of riding an elephant and more elaborate crafting.
“Far Cry 4” is a wonderful first-person shooter game that is both action-packed and adventurous. It contains more entertaining features than its predecessors and is overall very engaging.