Where to look for scholarships

For the Visual Artist: The National Society of Arts and Letters awards scholarship money to the winners of its annual art competitions hosted all across the country. Local chapters of the organization host these contests, and each chapter selects its own winner.

For the Writer: The Unpublished Writer Award gives up-and-coming authors the chance to share unpublished works of fiction on a national scale while also competing to win prize money. Previous winners have gone on to sign with publishing houses.

For the Historian: The Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives hosts its annual George Watt Memorial Essay Contest, for which students are invited to submit an essay on the Spanish Civil War, the global struggles against fascism or the contributions of Americans who supported the Spanish Republic in the late 1930s. There is no time for Stalin on this opportunity when everyone is Russian for scholarships!

For the STEM Student: The Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology offers its annual scholarship for undergraduates. The scholarship awards hundreds of thousands of dollars to exceptional students interested in pursuing a career in those fields.

Bonus Opportunity: Feeling lucky? Wells Fargo awards 40 students $1,000 through its CollegeSTEPS drawing. Completely random, this scholarship is great for any student looking for a little extra money for college.