The promising talent shown at the Legends concert auditions foreshadow the production of an amazing show

On April 16-17, choir students will partake in a musical event known as the Legends concert. The Legends concert is an opportunity for students to impersonate a specific musical legend in their performance by singing, acting and dressing as that person live on stage.

Legends producer and audition judge Robert Blaney looks for very specific qualities when watching students and reviewing their auditions.

“People who are prepared, who study their legend, [for example] for Elvis [Presley], have their physical movements down as well as their voice but most importantly for the ones who are most prepared,” Blaney explained.

The Legends auditions took place after school on February 10-11. Although most people who auditioned were members of choir, there were other non-choir students who auditioned.

“We’ll probably have somewhere between 60 and 80 people audition for it, and we will probably take about 24 [perform],” Blaney said. “They will come in and they have three minutes to sing a verse and chorus of a song.”

The two-hour concert next month will be packed with the friends and family of the talented performers who pass through the auditions and receive a position in the concert line-up.