Girls basketball continues win streak


Photo courtesy of Sierra Vaglica

The girls basketball team rejoices together after a recent win.

Girls basketball (8-2) won against Silverado in the first round of CIF on Feb. 21, continuing its string of victories against Irvine and Beckman.
“We struggled a bit offensively [against Irvine] but put on the pressure defending and had good intensity,” senior and co-captain Bonnie Sarchet said. “Hopefully [our intensity] will carry over to our [next] game against Beckman.”
While the Warriors had an apparent edge against Irvine, their offense compared to their defense against the Vaqueros was not as strong.
“Despite the fact that [our plays] were out if it in the first half, it was really great that we were able to pick it up and play as more of a team in the second half,” sophomore and guard Lauren Lum said.
The players’ cohesiveness and ability to work harmoniously as a team evidently showed as they added another impressive win to their season’s record.
“I think that even though we won, we weren’t very patient in the first half. We definitely picked up our game in the second half, though,” junior Alissa Niewiadomski said.
Senior and forward Annika Walker, who scored a total of 15 points against Irvine, stood out.
“Although we had a big lead at the half, we weren’t playing to the best of our abilities. This was a good game for us to come together as a team. The past two games were rough for us but we pulled it together and played well,” junior and co-captain Sierra Vaglica said. “There were always things we could do better.”