A look behind the scenes of ‘Jane Eyre’

The members of the choir department have been getting ready for weeks to sing their hearts out at the “Jane Eyre” musical that premiered last night. The musical is based off the novel “Jane Eyre” written by Charlotte Brontë, and the cast has brought the novel to life.

“Everyone is really supportive of one another, and we all just want to work together to make the best show we can,” junior Christopher Kagoo, who plays Edward Fairfax Rochester, said.

The musical revolves around a woman who started out as an orphan and grew up to become a teacher. She then leaves school to become a governess at Thornfield Hall and meets Rochester. The plot then becomes about the two of them learning about each other and the growth of their relationship.

“It’s a sung-through musical, which means that there are no real scenes in the show, and the music hardly ever stops,” vocal music instructor Rob Blaney said.

The choir students have been working on rehearsals in a set schedule to prepare for last night’s premiere.The students would do the “Hokey Pokey” to warm themselves up before the rehearse and then they start going over their lines and rehearse what they need to and run through the show.

“To get into character, I first try to understand what the character is feeling during a certain situation and connect that to when I’ve had a similar feeling, and from there, just react in the way they would,” Kagoo said.

The original musical used a rotating stage with many moving set pieces, whereas this version has a set that stays and has an eight-foot tall platform. The musical will include costumes that will fit with the era of the novel, which is set in the 1800s.

“I’m pretty sure they’re period costumes. We try our best to try to get the look and feel of the novel on stage,” said Blaney.