Dance team braves the stage at their final performance


photo courtesy of Liz Larabell

Members of the dance team proudly show the 2nd place award won by the all male group.

The dance team has been excelling in its numerous competitions this month, culminating in an overall loss this past Saturday.

In the first dance competition of the season, the team started off strong and ended it with a high note. The second dance competition also ended well, with the male dance team winning the second place prize.

“They have been working extremely hard to be even better,” new dance coach Tara Bearden said. “We [took] all five routines again, including our all male team. They have been working on improving their routine as well.”

Sophomore Bridget Nagel won second place with her solo in the latest competition while seniors Mackenzie Pereira and Sam Schnell won first with their solos. Nagel has consistently won in her solos throughout her freshman and sophomore years, receiving praise from senior Kayla Djen, one of the dance captains. Pereira has also been given compliments for her ballet.

“Bridget is only a sophomore but has shown that she is capable of so many things and has won consistently in her solos this year and last year. Her facials and performance are always spot-on, which makes me love watching her dance,” Djen said. “Mackenzie is a senior who has exquisite technique and performance. Her ballet background makes her stand out amongst other dancers, and her grace always adds something to her performance that other dancers lack.”

“This competition at Senora High School was our last competition of the year, which marks the start of preparation for our spring showcase,” Schnell said. “We also need to work on raising money for costumes, coaches, and many other things.”

The most recent competition held over 20 high schools, and the team, as a whole, did not win. One stand-out moment, however, was when the team completed one extra lyrical number, performing in perfect synchronicity.
“Usually, I would say that the team should become closer friends and have better relationships with each other, but this has not been a problem this whole year,” Djen said. “We are all really great friends, and we have all become one amazing team that has so much love and support for each other. Even our support for all-male and vice versa has improved so much this year that it really has made us one huge family.”