To do today or to not do today

Procrastination is an epidemic that spreads greatly during the second semester of high school. Although freshmen, sophomores and juniors are victimized by this disease, seniors have shown the most devastating symptoms, resulting in unfortunate endings. Here are some tips to stay “healthy” and on top of your classes throughout the upcoming procrastination season:

  1. Take it step by step – Part of the reason students procrastinate is because the work is overwhelming. Breaking it into little parts will make it easier to concentrate and pace yourself on one task.
  1. Change your environment – School desks are wooden and extremely hard, which makes it difficult to fall asleep on them. If your environment makes you want to snuggle and sleep, then you need to change your work location to a place such as a coffee shop or a library.
  1. Lock up your distractions – As a teenager, you are constantly on your phone checking social media or taking selfies. In order to really concentrate on your work, enable website blockers or give your phone to someone trustworthy to hide it for you.
  1. Do not wait for the right time – There are always those students who tell themselves that now is not the best time to complete the task assigned because of X, Y or Z reasons. Reality check: there is never a perfect time! So get down to business, and just do it.
  1. Form study groups – Allowing yourself to be surrounded with people who will encourage you to keep studying, answer any questions that you may have about the subject and help you stay on task is an excellent way to study. However, be careful not to surround yourself with friends who distract you more than help you focus.

As explained above, there are many ways to stay healthy in this massive epidemic. Staying healthy and focused is easier for you, your teachers and your parents in the long run. So, take care and get well soon.