Nomads explore new markets


Photo courtesy of Brad Valentine

Senior Ben Robinson advertises one of the Nomadic Traditional clothing line shirts.

In a fashion and trends-dominated culture, seniors Ben Robinson and Brad Valentine have left their mark in the closets of students through their clothing line, Nomadic Traditional.

The term “nomad” means having no permanent abode, and this is exactly what Nomadic Tradition symbolizes.

“We wanted something that embodied the youth culture…the idea of not being set in stone with your lifestyle,” Valentine said.

The clothing brand, launched in December, offers an arrangement of colorful shirts, crew neck sweatshirts and hoodies that can be purchased on their website The company has grown extensively since December and now includes a greater variety of shirts ranging from solid-colored to acid washed. The company tries to offer a style that fits everyone.

“We have a much better system of management now that our inventory is growing,” Valentine said.

The company’s next big step will be to expand into the field of backpacks. The backpacks will be denim with a waterproof lining and will be a great all-purpose bag.

“I think what they are doing is really cool, and I am really happy to see my friends succeed,” senior Ethan Dominguez said.

Teamwork is required for any company to strive, and this is exactly what Robinson and Valentine have excelled in.

“Ben uses his artistic skills to come up with new designs and draw out the logos, while I usually deal with website, PayPal account and promoting the company,” Valentine said.

Despite their different fortés, the process to make the final product utilizes both the creativity of Robinson and the business skills of Valentine. Robinson and Valentine come together with ideas for their future products. From there, Robinson creates a design that gets sent off to a screen printer. The printer digitizes the designs, and then Robinson, Valentine and the printer, alumnus Alex Ngac, discuss which design will go on each individual piece of apparel.

“I think Brad was my biggest supporter. I brought the idea to him, and he was so down to pursue [it] with me,” Robinson said.

Besides being business partners, Robinson and Valentine have also been best friends since the third grade. Their relationship has also helped with their business development.

“[Ben’s] always been very interested in sports, and I have been very interested in music and portraying things creatively, so the company works well in that sense,” Valentine said.