Backstage pass into a technical world

“Jane Eyre,” the Broadway production based on Charlotte Bronte’s acclaimed novel, will be this year’s spring musical. Much of the hard work the audience sees is that of the actors who portray Bronte’s amazing characters, but the performance also requires sets, lighting and everything else that goes into running the show smoothly and successfully. The technical theater team helps with all of these behind-the-scenes aspects; without them, the show would not be possible.

“The best part about being involved in tech is working together with everyone to create something awesome, which includes combining all aspects such as the set, lighting and sound operation,” senior Michael Donnelly, who specializes in sound, said.

To match the high standard of Bronte’s novel requires much preparation. The tech team exerts all of its creativity and designing skills into the piece’s many characters and scenes. They all come together to create a great show through all the difficulties.

Tech team strives to make a great show. Considering this is one of the most famous books, they even stay vast hours after school until 7 p.m. or even 9 p.m. to make sure everything is right. It really shows how far the theater department goes to produce a great show.

“With this show in particular, we had difficulties with the layout of the set and making it fit on the stage. After some brainstorming and measuring and cutting, we made it all fit,” Donnelly said.

Great sets are made with great materials. Sometimes those sets can be costly, but tech team makes the most of everything.

“We recycle a lot of our materials, but every show has individuality, so we need to buy new equipment, which we get the money from fundraising or from past shows,” senior Zach Mullins, who specializes in set design, said.

With any show comes difficulties, but the result now can become a great show that people will remember later. “Jane Eyre” is a particular type of show being the great work it is  that requires much from this group of students, but the result is great.

“Each show has its own individuality, and with this show it has felt a lot more laid back from my perspective. It’s been very fun in that aspect. The most difficult part of the show would be tech week, which is the week before the show where all the components of the show come together. It is a lot of work but so much fun!” Mullins said.

The show is never complete without the help of the great actors. Bronte’s novel includes very complex characters with great stories. The main character, Jane Eyre, is one who has had an incredible life, and playing that kind of a character can be a little nerve racking. With the help of the technical team, however, it can be a bit easier.

“Tech theater is such an incredible support to all of the actors. Honestly, tech makes the whole show. Actors are nothing without the techies,” senior Kelsey Eyre, who plays the role of Jane Eyre, said.

In previous musicals, tech has always had great set designs. This time it will be interesting to see what is in store, since most of the show requires many different settings. The whole acting crew is not surprised that tech will do an amazing job with whatever they think of.

“Tech does such an incredible job with everything. They really don’t surprise me anymore because they are consistently incredible, but they do get better and better each year,” Eyre said.

“I think the most special part of the show is what each actor/actress has to offer, or even each person of the crew since we get to put ourselves into the set design and lighting design.

With all the effort tech has put into the show, all the cast and crew are very excited and hopeful the show will be a success,” Mullins said.

“The show includes some very creative, visually impactful special effects, and the actors always put on a great performance,” Donnelly said.

“Jane Eyre” premiered last night and will have shows until Saturday in the theater.

“This musical is so incredible. I am most looking forward to bringing the incredible story of Jane Eyre to life. As a cast, we really hope to uplift and inspire our audience,” Eyre said.