The ultimate frisbee club soars into action


Photo courtesy of Santiago Mieryteran

Junior James Nguyen lines up to snatch a frisbee from the air.

The Ultimate Frisbee Club, created this year by juniors Isaac Hsu and Cameron Van Horn, serves to provide a safe environment for students to be active and enjoy themselves.

“While we were in the process of making the club, we found out that one of our friends who we used to play frisbee with was suffering from depression and was secluding himself,” Hsu said. “I guess we wanted the club to be somewhere he knew he could find a lot of friends and just relax.”

The frisbee club not only allows students to play frisbee, but also is a time for members to meet new friends and express themselves while playing a unique sport.

“I feel I am able to connect with people that I have never met before through cooperating with them during the frisbee practices,” junior Jenna Wu said.

Hsu’s goal is to establish a place where people can comfortably enjoy playing frisbee and socialize with others.

“We would like to create an environment where people can come to relieve themselves of stress and have fun while simultaneously moving away from a sedentary lifestyle that most students currently have,” Hsu said.

Due to the efforts of the club officers, members said they feel welcomed when they are at club practices.

“The best part of the club is probably the people, and just playing together,” junior and Ultimate Frisbee Club member Santiago Mieryteran said. “It is really fun to play with friends and it is not very physically demanding.”

Frisbee team members continue to attend club events and promote the sport, hoping to reach their goal of making ultimate frisbee a popular activity among students.