Air Guitar: magic, moves and music


Courtesy of Claire Imler

Junior Jenna Rosebrough (front) dances alongside fellow class council members Sofia Truong (left) and Paola Haley (right), during their 1980s themed routine.

Air Guitar was held on Thursday, March 5 in the main gym where many student groups of singers, dancers and entertainers showed off their talents.

Air Guitar is an annual event held by ASB, and this year many exciting groups performed such as dance teams, entertainment groups, musicians, magicians and class councils of every grade. Students, teachers and parents were also able to be the first crowd to view the lip dub, which premiered for the first time at the event.

Junior class council danced to the song “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift and wore neon clothes which made their performance very memorable. The students’ enthusiastic face expressions and their big gestures made the audience clap to their performance.

“ASB made decorations and came early the night of to decorate the area and set up the gym plus the food court area,” junior class president Colette Cosyn said.

Before the event started, clubs like the Future Business Leaders of America club sold In-N-Out burgers and boba drinks to audience members.

“I think the best part about this event is that it brings all kinds of people with different talents together to have fun and entertain,” senior activities commissioner Kelsey Eyre said.

The performers spent a lot of their own time preparing for this event. The all-male dance team had a competition before Air Guitar, but in order to prevent their performance from getting boring, they made a whole new set and dance moves to entertain the audience.

“We spent time during zero period and also arranged our own scheduled practices after school and during weekends to learn the new set and clean it for Air Guitar,” senior Dojun Park said. “Practices were usually a few hours in length and we learned the piece and constantly drilled it and cleaned it as much as we could to get ready for Air Guitar.”

Not only the performers and ASB, but also Warrior TV, made an effort to make the event a success by capturing all the performances on the big screen smoothly.

“We have our sponsor, filmEd, come and provide us with extra filming equipment such as cameras and tripods,” Warrior TV staff member Andrew Chung said.

At the end of the night, the audience felt satisfied and performers felt proud to be a part of the successful event. “Roy G. Biv Rage Brigade” took home the first place award, junior class council was awarded second place and the fan favorite award was given to senior class council.