Subway daydream

Big cities have always excited me. I am intrigued by the lights, the smells, the odd people and the constant happenings. However, this may sound crazy, but my favorite part of being in a city is taking public transportation.

Somehow, there is something so enchanting about taking a subway. I love the idea of everyone packed closely, traveling together for a brief moment before suddenly dispersing back into the bustling crowds of the city. I find myself wanting to know each person’s story, but also wanting to preserve the mystery that exists between us.

I will never forget the time I watched a young kid, no older than 12, place his boombox on an empty seat and begin an extravagant hip-hop dance number on the New York City subway. The entire train watched in awe, cheering and clapping along as this mystery prodigy performed his careful routine up and down the aisle. As the music stopped, the boy collected change in his fedora hat, humbly thanked his audience, and quickly disappeared through the doors as soon as the subway came to a hault.

Although it may seem insignificant, what I experienced that day made me appreciate life just a little bit more. Watching people pause their busy lives to share a moment with perfect strangers is completely amazing, especially when it happens in the most unlikely place.


Noelle Roys