Oh, the places you’ll go (for college)

Standardized testing scores, grades, extracurriculars and essays: colleges determine students’ admission into their school based off these aspects, but what do students look for in a college?

Students can take advantage of opportunity and success by choosing colleges in active cities.

Tuition and area of study seem to be the most obvious and practical deciding factors – but with most undergraduates spending at least four and half years to obtain their bachelor’s degrees, according to the U.S. Department of Education, location of a school is not often given the consideration it deserves. According to the Niche Ink, a website that specializes in analysis of schools, 58% of high school seniors decide to stay in state for college, which is cost efficient at first glance but can deprive students of experience.

“I’m happy I’m moving to Los Angeles, because I feel like I have so many more opportunities in a big city,” senior Nikki Azodi said. “It’s exciting that I get to do everything I wanted to and only be a short car ride away from my family.”

While it is easier for Californians to find opportunity within state lines, students not currently living near big cities are at a disadvantage. Integrated campuses in more populated cities offer not only more things to do outside of school, but also a plethora of internship and job opportunities.

At Pace University located in New York City, over 900 students work internships with over 500 companies in their city alone, and 42% of these students are offered full time jobs from these employers upon graduation, according to Pace.edu. Kentucky State University only has five internships currently available to its students, according to its school’s website, Kysu.edu.

“I’ll miss Irvine but I am excited to experience a different culture,” senior Sade Lawal, who is considering school in Pennsylvania, said. “College is a chance to try out a new way of living.”

Opportunity is obviously expected when high schoolers are sent off to college, but by choosing a college based off its location, students’ chances of success can increase dramatically.