The sun never sets on Daniel Sun


Photo by Brittany Chang

Junior Daniel Sun practices hurdles during an on-campus preseason track practice.

From the track to the classroom, junior Daniel Sun is at the top of his game. A top track athlete and academic competitor, Sun always challenges himself to be the best of the best. Fellow students all over campus recognize him for his excellent achievements.

“Last year our 4 by 100 made it to [the] Masters Meet, which is past CIF,” hurdler Sun said.

As a senior, Sun’s role on the team will most likely expand, as the possibility of becoming a captain is high.

“I definitely think he has the potential to be a captain. He definitely has the work ethic and all the right talent for him to be captain,” senior and varsity track athlete Scott Patton said.

Sun’s hard work on and off the track has earned him varsity as well as academic championships. While track gives him a chance to exercise and get away from his academic pressure, school is still very important to Sun. He is a member of top-notch academic clubs such as Mu Alpha Theta, and participates in various competitions such as Science Olympiad and Science Bowl.

Striving for the captain position next year, Sun has been playing a significant role in his academic teams this year, as he helped his team to qualify as one of the final eight teams in Science Bowl and anticipates to lead his team to the state tournament in Science Olympiad.

“He’s our main physics guy,” senior and president of Science Olympiad William Chen stated. “Overall our team had definitely improved because Daniel Sun got so improved in his rankings.”

Beyond the impressive academic competitions, Sun has completed every math class available on campus, not inclusive of AP Statistics. He also took an AP math test as a freshman.

“I like math, and I like sciences, so normally the stuff I do at school is not enough, and I sort of go beyond that. I self-studied for the AP test, because I couldn’t take the classes at our school,” Sun stated.

Although Sun’s life seems to have been taken over by track and academics, he finds time to play the piano as well as League of Legends.

As Sun begins to transition into the end of his junior year and into his senior year, it is time for him to start looking into his future career. He dreams of working in the math and science fields to create software or algorithms for a major company like Google, Microsoft or Facebook.