Color guard brings home wins with new show “Light”

Color guard’s new varsity show, called Light, has so far been successful at competitions the team has performed at this season, placing in the top 14 at the Western United States Championships and making the team finalists. According to senior color guard performer Leslie Hwang, the inspiration for the show’s theme comes from within the team.

“It represents our transition with a new coaching staff. The main idea behind it was that we shouldn’t be afraid [of] failing; instead we should embrace our new skills and not be afraid of change,” Hwang said.

Performing arts teacher Brad Harris also highlighted the influence of the new instructors on the theme of the varsity show and how it represents the idea of fulfilling one’s potential.

“It was kind of an idea from our new instructor, and he wants the team to kind of feel that energy and overcome and become what they are truly meant to be,” Harris said.

Additional inspiration for the show’s theme came from a quote by Nelson Mandela: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

Color guard co-captain and senior Nicolina Foster said she felt the show also includes themes of learning to overcome insecurity.

“Our coach this year…he was like ‘I know you guys are afraid of not doing well enough, and you’re afraid that you would not be able to show who you are and show your true talents,’” Foster said.

The new coaches are Manny Ruiz, Amber Dvorak and Jorge Chanax. In addition to coaching, they also perform in an elite color guard group called Black Crown. The color guard team members said they feel this improves their ability to mentor and motivate.

“Since they are still performers themselves, it’s inspiring to see them perform and to do amazing, and I think it pushes us to work harder,” Hwang said, “It’s been an amazing experience getting to learn from them.”