San Francisco bound

For the majority of my time in high school, the concept of moving away from my hometown to attend college seemed very out of my comfort zone and is something I was not even considering six months ago. However, a purple and gold letter I received in the mail in January changed my mind. I am headed to Northern California to attend San Francisco State University in the Fall.

Although I do feel proud of myself for earning grades that allowed me to be admitted to the college, I am more proud of my sudden abilities to be willing to accept change and to take on a new adventure that seems scary, but I know will be beneficial to me in the end.

It is hard to believe that I will soon be a resident of one of my favorite cities in the world, and the excitement of knowing that overcomes my fear. With all areas of San Francisco accessible by short BART rides, the opportunities are endless.

As I prepare for this major change, I plan to open myself up to the world and not let minor discomforts hinder any possibilities that await me next year. I look forward to embarking on a new adventure in a few short months and hopefully learning more about myself and the world around me than ever before.


Noelle Roys