The cycle of comebacks

Fashion and music trends from the past always seem to make a comeback into mainstream culture decades after they originally emerged. For example, today we see teenagers listening to the same kind of music that their parents and grandparents would have listened to decades ago.

Most of my favorite music was made long before I was even born. Combat boots, chokers and high-waisted jeans from the nineties, flared printed pants from the 70s and many other fashion trends from the past have also made a massive comeback in pop culture of today. I find it fascinating that these trends are “recycled” in a way; I think it is great that people are still able to appreciate culture from the past, and it shows how impactful some of that culture really was. That being said, I also think that a lot of the music and fashion that developed in my generation is just as enjoyable and special in its own way. Maybe forty or fifty years from now, my kids will be the “alternative” teens wearing skinny jeans and listening to the “classic” artists who play every day on the radio today.


Disha Palimar