“Age of Adaline”: a timeless cliche

The movie poster for the new film Age of Adaline  features Blake Lively, the main actress in the movie.

Photo courtesy of Google Images

The movie poster for the new film “Age of Adaline” features Blake Lively, the main actress in the movie.

“The Age of Adaline” stars Blake Lively as Adaline Bowman, who has remained at a youthful 29 for the past eight decades due to a freak accident. In an effort to keep the truth behind her everlasting beauty a secret, Adaline distances herself from potential lovers and husbands; however, Bowman meets a man, Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman), who she can finally reveal her true self to.

The premise of this romantic fantasy film is refreshing because of the immortal character that Lively portrays. Despite the imaginative approach, the plot of the movie remains predictable, bland and even a bit disjointed. It is the classic “girl meets boy, boy falls in love, girl has some secret, girl runs away, boy does not give up, girl and boy end up together” cliché storyline. And somehow the cosmos realign so that at the end the boy and girl stay together: the typical, totally expected, ending.

Furthermore, the scenes within the film seem hurried and disorganized. It goes like this — a couple shots of the beautiful Lively, panoramic sweep of lovely San Francisco and zoomed out view of planet Earth. This cycle continues through the entire movie; in fact, it ends with some comet flying across the universe, with melodramatic music in the background and a deep-voiced narrator. It sounds super cheesy, and you are not wrong; it was cheesy and rushed.

On the other hand, the acting by both Lively, Huisman and their fellow castmates was spectacular. They embodied their roles to a T; in fact, I would truly believe that Lively is a 100- year-old woman trapped in the body of a 29-year-old. Honestly, Lively and her hair made this movie.