One last passionate performance

Dance team and All Male Hip-Hop crew performed on stage for the final time together this year in their annual Spring Show on May 8. Performers were filled with energy on stage and their extreme talent helped create a memorable show.

Both groups worked very hard in preparation for the dance show. They practiced for weeks to perfect every move in their dance numbers. Tech week was among one of the more challenging weeks of their practice schedule because it required  intense concentration all throughout the week.

“[May 7] was our last tech day, and everything [looked] a lot better than the beginning of the week. We finally feel comfortable with the timing of things,” captain and senior Samantha Schnell said. “It’s a very stressful experience – trying to get all of the girls in line, teaching the new team members what to do and telling the girls to be quiet backstage 24/7 because we all love to have so much fun back there. I’m definitely a culprit of being chatty as well.”

Unique aspects of the show such as the detailed choreography of the dances and the accompanying music left the crowd fascinated and in awe of the talent of the students on stage. The most compelling dance performance of the night was undoubtedly the girls exotic belly dance. This was the most eye-catching due to it diversity from the previous styles of dance exhibitted. It is an dance element that is not seen very often and is very unique.

Interesting props and funky costumes provided additional flavor and style to the performances to make them more eye-catching and suspenseful.

Some costumes included team jersey’s for the All Male group as well as black shorts and black and white camouflage tights underneath. While girls dance had colorful costumes and even hip skirts containing gold and shiny jewelry for their exotic belly dance performance. Colorguard had unique props such as their typical flags and also wood rifles that were launched into the air.

“There are all kinds of dances in the Spring Show ranging from contemporary, lyrical, jazz, hip hop and belly dance,” all-male member and senior Bryan Bee said.

Seniors had their very last dance performance ever in their high school career. The seniors worked very long and hard to inaugurate a long-lasting performance. They are ecstatic to further pursue their dancing and will certainly miss their high school experiences.

“We use everything from slow solemn songs to fast upbeat songs. Some aren’t well-known, and some are very popular,” Schnell said.

The girls dance team had much different year than previous ones. The key difference is that they have a new director this year, Tara Bearden.

“She is a wonderful director that provides the structure and stability that our team needs. She has honored our wishes to keep some traditions about our spring show the same. She also has lined up the dances in a way that gives us a good amount of time to change between dances and not feel super rushed,” Schnell said.

Overall, the spring dance show was a must-see. It featured the sheer extraordinary talent that each student dancer possess. Everything about that performance was amazing, the dancing was on point, the music was upbeat and costumes and props were visually stunning and appealing. This final show prompted a farewell from the seniors to the observing crowd of students, teachers and families. This final effect was a lasting and impactful one that will never be forgotten in the hearts of Warriors.