Boys tennis swings and misses the mark


Yechan Yang

Senior Ryan Van de Water prepares to rally back a serve.

Boys tennis (8-0) was undefeated in its preseason, but lost 3-7 last Friday during its league finals against all other high schools in the district.

During this past season, players such as junior Dylan Church faced countless trials against opponents.

“We continued to play competitively, and we just never gave up,” Church said. “We’re all just looking to improve our game and enjoy the intensity that comes with it.

Out of the six schools the team competes against within the district, only those that are in the top four are able to go on to CIF each year. League finals consisted of a total of ten matches in which the team won three out of ten total games. Although the team struggled for fourth place against Northwood High, it came short by a few points.

“We had a lot of close wins and a couple of close losses as well, but overall we played pretty well as a team,” sophomore Mark Tenney said. “The other teams did great, and the League in general is getting more and more competitive each year.”

Although the team was not able to move onto CIF, it was able to place seventh in Orange County, making it the highest rank the team has achieved in many years.

“The guys played with a lot of heart, like they do all year,” coach Ryan Sabado said. “We have a pretty good shot to improve as we do better next year, which I’m very excited for.”