Bowl of Heaven lives up to its heavenly reputation


Photo by Emma Trinh

Bowl of Heaven offers a variety of different and exotic fruits and grains to make healthy bowls with.

The appropriately named Bowl of Heaven, located at The District, serves healthy and exotic smoothies, bowls and juices.

Unlike other acai bowl shops, Bowl of Heaven offers a variety of items on its menu, all made with superfruits and less common ingredients. The shop’s theme of orange and purple walls hosted large pictures of superfruits and their benefits. Plentiful seating at a bar against a glass wall that separates the kitchen and several tables against a wall provide ample room for customers to enjoy their treats.

Their “North Shore Original Bowl” (a common acai bowl with strawberries, bananas and hemp flax seed granola) is their most popular item; the Tustin location’s helpful worker, Isaiah, was extremely eager to give me a sample. My brother decided to order the “North Shore” and we both agreed that while it was delicious, it was standard to most acai bowls because it did not have any exceptionally unique ingredients.

After perusing their extensive menu, which included fresh juices, smoothies and wheatgrass shots, I settled on trying the adventurous “Paradise Bowl,” which was made from a blend of pitaya (dragonfruit), pineapple, banana, mint and prickly pear. It was topped with delicious hemp seed granola, coconut flakes, honey and kiwi. I was surprised at Isaiah’s hospitality as he handed me a large bowl, and it made the experience even better.

“I made your bowl a large instead of a regular since it’s your first time here. I hope you enjoy it.” Isaiah said.

I was pleasantly surprised by the “Paradise;” the pitaya and pineapple base gave the bowl a tangy and light taste, while the mint added a refreshing and uplifting note.

Bowl of Heaven’s well-designed shop, exemplary service and unique menu set their shop apart from other healthy destinations.