Tomorrowland brings revolutionary ideas for girls in science

In a revolutionary age of technology, a film like “Tomorrowland” brings hope and a dash of optimism to an apocalyptic future. Audiences have seen similar plots before in films such as “The Terminator” and “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” However, “Tomorrowland” not only adds the magic Disney touch, but also gives a healthy message to young girls that other films do not offer.

The plot follows Casey Newton (Britt Robertson), a science genius and self-proclaimed optimist, who discovers Tomorrowland after being told that her world is about to end. She now must team up with Frank Walker (George Clooney) and Athena (Raffey Cassidy) to stop the apocalypse.

One of the most entertaining aspects of the film is the chemistry between characters. Each character has a definitive personality, and they all get plenty of screen time to showcase how they interact with each other. The actors bring their characters to life beautifully, allowing the audience to watch the friendships blossom as the film progresses. A good example of this is the relationship between Clooney and Robertson’s characters. Their banter can range from hilarious to heartfelt throughout the film.

The special effects can be grating at times, as there are multiple instances of flashing lights and bright colors that can be headache-inducing. Another flaw in the film is the handful of plot holes visible throughout the film. There are multiple instances in the narrative that do not make sense inside and out of the context of the film. As stated above, the apocalypse is the ongoing threat throughout the film, with a combination of natural disasters and human incompetence. However, it does a poor job explaining why the apocalypse is occurring outside of this.

The message contained in the film, however, is brilliant and makes up for its cinematic flaws. The film sends out a message of hope for the future of mankind who will, according to the film, continue to dream and create solutions, but also gives more. The main protagonist is a highly intelligent girl. The audience first sees her breaking into a NASA building to deactivate the cranes. While this act is, of course, illegal, it shows off the fact that she is very clever. It is a fantastic message to send to young girls who love science, as many girls are encouraged to focus on their bodies rather than their minds in modern media outlets such as films and magazines.

Is the film perfect? Absolutely not, but it is inspirational. “Tomorrowland” is willfully optimistic, inspiring future generations to find solutions to the world’s various problems, and is particularly inspirational to young girls who want to help in finding those solutions. “Tomorrowland” is definitely a film that should be watched, even by those who are not science fiction fans.