ROP: Become an employee without a degree

Workshops that offer information and help on everything from applying for to maintaining a job are available through the counseling office now through the end of the year.

As summer approaches, many students are on the hunt for employment, whether it is just for the summer or year-round. Applying for a job can be daunting, even with resources such as Naviance available to help build resumes. The process is still unfamiliar to many, which is where ROP coordinator Ryan Itchon steps in.

“The workshops are to help our students become career ready and to not only have the skills to find a job but also to keep it,” Itchon said. “We teach them how to be detail-oriented and make sure everything on their essay is worded correctly, [so that] there’s no typos and with practice interviews to become more comfortable.”

Not only do students have aid in constructing a resume, but they also are able to practice professional interviews. Itchon asks common questions that students will most likely face in an interview. These questions often focus on applicable skills a student may have from other experiences.

“The entire experience is very valuable,” junior Jose Quintero said. “The greatest asset is the interview [practice].”

To support the claims made on a resume and in an interview, it is necessary to have references; normally references are managers from previous jobs. If a student has never held a job, Itchon advises asking adults who know you well, such as coaches, teachers and any volunteer supervisors. No direct family members can be references even if they fall into previous categories.

Approaching potential references may seem intimidating, but Itchon recommends being straightforward and respectful when asking to list someone as a reference.

“It’s definitely worth it [to attend a workshop] because of the one-on-one time you get with Mr. Itchon,” senior and Nektar employee Melanie Pedersen said.