A new start for Academic Decathlon


Photo courtesy of Divya Prajapati

Academic Decathlon looks forward to continue its success.

With six of the nine members of Academic Decathlon leaving for college, the team began the process of setting up a new team for next year.

According to senior and captain Divya Prajapati, the good teamwork allowed them to get second place in the county.

“We got second place in the county, eighth place in the state, and we were also the highest scoring Orange County school at state,” junior Jai Kakwani said.

Ending the year with success, the team hopes to continue its success for the upcoming year.

Throughout past school years, the team has been able to compete at the state level and demonstrate high levels of performance with each individual’s effort and passions. Decathlon adviser Shan Wu said he looked forward to another successful year with a new set of members on the team.

“This year, we did better than we’ve ever done in Woodbridge, so we can say that we had a successful year,” Wu said. “Even though we have some seniors leaving, I am not worried because I know that we will still have some great students next year.”

The selection of new members will start mid-June and continue until fall when the team gets finalized.

The team does not have to consist of the most academically successful students. According to Wu, the team needs a total of nine members with three different GPA levels; three of the members must have a GPA of at least 3.75, three must have a GPA between 3.0 and 3.74, and the rest must have a GPA of 2.9 or lower.

“It is really for all types of students, not just the academically-driven students,” Wu said. “We want students that are self-motivated, disciplined, competitive, hardworking and comprehending.”

The team will continue to use the strategies they have used for the past five years. Both decathlon members and team adviser said they expect next year to be as successful as this year.