What if we all cared


Yechan Yang

Tyler Durman passionately delivers his speech.

With What-If Week ending on May 22, ASB invited motivational speaker Tyler Durman to remind students the importance and impact of wise decision making.

As he traveled from school to school across the country, Durman dedicated his time to helping not only misguided students, but also parents and teachers as well.

With his recently published book titled “Counterintuitive,” he said he hoped to provide encouragement to individuals who endure hardships and obstacles in their respective lives through his exciting humor and relative stories.

“My mission is to really bring hope to people in pain while reminding students of the big picture of what truly matters,” Durman said. “We need each other while we also [recognize] that our choices both matter and truly write our stories.”

With this invigorating message, both ASB and class council members, such as junior Colette Cosyn said they felt excited to have both a knowledgeable and humorous speaker awaring both teachers and students about the people around them and the impact they have on others.

“I was impressed at his ability to deliver such a positive and relatable message filled with advice,” Cosyn said. “I’m very glad our school was able to invite him to speak to the student body.”

As he spoke directly to the audience of numerous students scrunched side by side, students such as junior Jose Quintero and sophomore Alyssa Cadavona were able to relate and apply his advice to their own lives.

“I believe what he said was necessary, since most of us are dealing with the end-of-year stress phase of the time,” Quintero said.

Each individual student had taken away his or her own perspective on the various impacts and applications of his speech.

“The main message he delivered definitely changed my perspective of the relationships with my peers,” Cadavona said.

With plans to attend conferences, including the National Student Leadership Conference in June, Durman said he appreciated Woodbridge High for its cooperation and hoped to influence students’ lives positively through his speech.

“I wanted to bring hope to those kids that are in pain by saying just because you have a bad beginning doesn’t mean you’ll have a bad ending,” Durman said.