Hello children, we hear you are going to college soon.

Enjoy some quick conversation starters from your leaders: Cool Aunt Brick, Evil Queen Achint and Michelle, Just Michelle, that will transform you into a mingling social sloth.

EQA: Do you like hedgehogs? Because, I like hedgehogs.

CAB: Have you ever wondered why people think it is okay to call California “Cali”?

MJM: Did you know that everyone has a unique tongue print, just like fingerprints?

EQA: Do you like airport terminals? Because, I like airport terminals.

CAB: Have you ever wondered where a mermaid gets her seashell bikinis?

MJM: Did you know that donut glaze used to be made out of lard?

EQA: Do you like rain? Because, I like rain.

CAB: Victoria’s SEA-cret

MJM: Did you know that if you eat a polar bear liver, you’ll die?

Thanks guys, it’s been real. We hope you make new friends in college!


Achint Singh, Brittany Chang, Michelle Bau