Worlds collide

Well, here I am, writing my last column. I had imagined it something so grand, filled with profound words and inspirational quotes and all. But really, I don’t want to immerse you in clichés that you’ll regard as “just another saying.” You’ve probably heard enough of those already – “Don’t give up on your dreams,” “Find your passion,” “Explore your world.” While all of those are very true and very substantial, I feel compelled to talk with you about one last thing that I myself need to be reminded of from time to time.

Have you ever heard to not compare apples to oranges? The overarching message is to not compare two completely different objects. Apples are scrumptious and sweet, oranges are juicy and citrusy. And they’re both equally tasty.

People are just the same. However “successful” you are, regardless of the different relationships you form, don’t compare your life to another person’s who seems so well off. Find happiness in where you stand and be thankful for what you have and how far you’ve come.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Remember that.

Now, my journey as your Features Editor is coming to an end! Thank you to my avid column readers and all of you who stumble upon this in the paper. Every single column I have written has been very meaningful to me, and I hope it has been to you as well. Reste toi-même! (To those of you who have wondered what that means – stay true to yourself!)

Reste toi-même,

Michelle Kang