The final countdown

Graduation is in six days, and it still has not hit me that my time as a Warrior is coming to a close. I imagine that I will only fully realize it as I am walking towards the stage to receive my diploma, trying not to trip. For now, I am happy to not be completely aware of the fact that my twelve years of preliminary education are ending, because it is a very overwhelming idea.

That being said, there are some final realizations that I have come to as I have reflected on the past four years. The most important one is that everyone is an artist in his or her own way. Whether you have mastered the art of pushing your body to the limit at team practice, excelling at academic competitions, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, painting, trying and failing at not falling asleep in class or staying up into the early hours of the morning to finish homework, one thing is for sure: you have potential and importance beyond measure, and you should never forget that. I found that at some moments throughout my high school career, I found myself doubting my capabilities and comparing myself to others because I felt inadequate for not doing as well as other people. I now realize that the only way to really progress is to focus on improving yourself, no matter how you may compare to your classmates. Even if you do not have complete confidence in yourself at every moment, it is important to remember to always persevere and do what you think is right for yourself.

I have enjoyed writing every column that I have shared with you for the past two years, and I have loved every minute of being your Arts and Entertainment editor this year. I wish you the best of luck with all of your future endeavors.


Disha Palimar