Sports teams: Jump on the bandwagon


Success of athletes and sports teams bring along more exposure, and with more exposure comes new fans. However, these fans simply jump on the bandwagon to victory.

So what becomes of the older fans, who endured loss after loss with loyalty to their team or fandom? They have two choices: accept these new members with open arms or begrudge them for being ignorant or indecisive in what they cheer for.

With recent success of the Anaheim Ducks, new “fans” have been flying in from all over the place. These bandwagon fans may consider themselves fans as long as the Ducks are ahead, or they might have just discovered their love of hockey. Either way, the polite thing to do is take them under your wing and educate them.

“I think it’s so stupid when some fans think others aren’t real just because they can’t answer trivia questions,” sophomore Karen Smith said. “It should be something you can bond over, and you should enjoy it.”

Sophomore Matt Hoertig has a different opinion that is just as understandable. As an adamant Arsenal fan, he becomes annoyed when football fans change their opinions depending on standings. As someone who takes great pride in his favorite team and defends them when they lose, he is frustrated when other fans do not grant their favorite teams the same respect.

“I do not think it’s fair when people just change their minds on what teams they like; it makes it seem like they just want to be better than you, and somehow liking a more successful team does that for them,” Hoertig said.

At the end of the day, it is impossible to stop someone from liking their favorite team or athlete, and it is trivial to try to change their opinions. Do your best to welcome new fans, and let your opinions on bandwagon fans wash out of your mind.

“People are going to like whatever they want to,” sophomore Audrey Fung said. “And even if they contradict themselves, it shouldn’t really affect what you like.”