Cheer shines with passion and excitement


Cheer practices its routine on the field

Another year, another cheer season, and this one is bound to be a good one. With renewed dedication and a whole lot of Warrior spirit, these girls are ready to hit the ground running, or flipping, tumbling, dancing and, most importantly, cheering.

“I am so excited for this year; our team is amazing, and we have so many amazing and talented athletes. I’m hoping that this year we can keep pushing for more skills,” sophomore Madi Rodriguez explained. “I think that this year will be one our best years yet because of how good our team is.”

Captain and junior Lindsay Fleming, who has been on the team for four consecutive years, agreed.

“I think the team dynamics are getting stronger each and every year, and it’s just a team full of really sweet, determined girls,” Fleming said.

Cheerleaders such as, Jennifer Borland were able to discover new insights about themselves while enjoying their sport.

“I have learned how to [lead and be] patient with change,”Borland said. “I think I’ve learned a lot about myself.”

But all of this improvement and skill does not come without a whole lot of hard work, and like Fleming said, determination.

“We have been practicing three times a week getting ready for cheer camp, which is in June, and then we will be practicing all summer to get ready for our first pep rally,” Rodriguez said. “We have been conditioning to build up our endurance and working on stunts.”

Football season was a high for the girls on the team because other than being with some of their best friends and doing what they love, they also said they loved cheering for the team and being out under the lights on Friday nights.

“Football games were super fun because we got closer to the football team and got the crowd more involved during football games,” Fleming said. “I don’t know, I just love football.”

As for next year, the girls will be attending a new camp with a lot more freedom in planning rallies and performances.

“We practiced a lot and we went through all of our routines and [made] sure that we [knew] what we [were] doing and [had] the confidence and endurance to go through the whole thing,” senior and co-captain Rylee Salberg said.

Overall, the team has set itself up for a wonderful year with a lot of great girls.

“Cheer is so fun, and everyone on your team becomes your family, and there are some people who end up becoming your best friends. Cheer has changed my life, and it has been an awesome way to get involved at school,” Rodriguez said.