Back in time, Back in School


Science teacher Jaclyn Severn greets parents as they enter her classroom

Instead of freshmen searching desperately for their next class, on Sept. 9 parents scoured the hallways trying to find their way. Back-to-School Night offered parents a glimpse into their children’s academic lives.

An episode of Warrior TV kicked off Back- to-School Night. In it, Principle Christopher Krebs discussed advances the school has made in the past year such as the purchase of Chromebooks, a new record for AP tests sold and an 88 percent pass rate on AP tests. Krebs also provided a voiceover as videos of new staff members flashed across the screen.

“I think that Back-to-School Night is a wonderful opportunity for us, the school, to create the lines of communication with parents. When you are looking at successful education systems, you got the student who is learning, the teacher who is providing them the opportunity to learn, but the parents have to be involved as well, because at times kids are at home, so we want everyone to be on the same page,” Assistant Principal Scott Sodorff said.

Not only does Back-to-School Night serve as a time machine for parents, but it also turns the tables on teachers. Instead of sleep-deprived teenagers wandering into class, they have eager parents who want to know as much as they can in one night.

“I enjoy the opportunity to meet the parents and discuss some of the opportunities that the students have. This gives them the opportunity to see the classroom, see other things, talk about the lab situation and get to know each other a little bit better,” chemistry teacher Mike Antrim said.

Back-to-School Night also helped parents learn about clubs and groups on campus that students can join. Clubs set up booths to inform parents of how students can get involved on campus.

“I think Back-to-School Night really helped spread information to the parents of freshmen who might not know about the things that the vocal department does. We got to meet new parents, and we got to tell them about the fundraisers that we do,” sophmore and vocal student Catherine Kagoo said.

Back-to-School Night ultimately served as a way to link the school and parents together in the goal of making this year better than the last.