Vitality Bowls and much, much more


Photo by Michelle Hughs

Vitality Bowls offers an array of healthy options.

Vitality Bowls, in University Town Center, is a new hot spot for healthy alternatives for your sweet tooth. It serves a variety of organic bowls, fruits, juices and smoothies.  

When I entered, customer service was great. I was greeted with a smile and a welcoming hello. The atmosphere was quiet and not crowded, which would be great to do homework or a similar quiet activity. I would love to come here and do school work during my free time and think it is a great spot to come and grab a bite.

There are multiple types of bowls including the Vitality Bowl, and thought that one was tasteful and fruity. The most popular bowls are the Tropical and the Dragon bowls according to the employees serving there. I asked the employee which was her favorite, and she said the Warrior Bowl. I tried the Dessert Bowl, the turkey panini on wheat, the Temptation Smoothie and the Vitality Juice. My favorite ended up being the Dessert Bowl, made of acai. The strawberries and bananas were perfectly aligned with the shape of the bowl and had coconut shavings and small chocolate chips sprinkled on and around the fruit.

The turkey panini came out nice and warm. When I took my first bite, it was very tasty. The sundried tomatoes added a nice touch and filled my mouth with flavor. The Temptation Smoothie was like a healthy dessert in a cup. The dark chocolate blended nicely with the raw cocoa, strawberries and bananas.

My least favorite thing I ordered was the recommended Vitality Juice, because I was not a fan of the strong celery taste, and I do not like kale so it did not mix well at all. Overall, the place was great. Vitality Bowls could be a spot I could go grab a bite to eat.