The pope shakes things up with groundbreaking calls for reform


Jeon Han

Pope Francis visits the closing mass of Asian Youth Day in Korea.

The Argentinian-born Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, commonly referred to as Pope Francis, set foot on U.S. soil for the first time on Sept. 23 for a six-day visit to highlight his love for the poor and his willingness to tackle the nation’s most significant political, social and economic controversies. Francis is a man with immense knowledge who can help us through our worldwide controversies and problems.

The pope delivered reflexive speeches in New York and Philadelphia, emphasizing that he wants the world to become more united. As he spoke in these great cities, he argued that this world is in great turmoil and that we need to see different aspects from each other’s points of view.

Pope Francis is a man who advocates peace for the United States in all areas where they are struggling. He believes that it will be essential for the whole world to unite, where there is no controversy or hatred towards one another. Catholics believe people will soon follow the pope as he says many wise words. He does not want the world to be in a great quarrel anymore. He believes that we can all just set aside our differences and come together, so the world can be in a more peaceful situation. Francis also wants to solve multiple problems in the United States; Francis’ past calls for migrants to be respected could draw him into the heated debate on illegal immigration that is roiling the 2016 presidential campaign.

“I believe that the Pope can really help the United States as a whole and all the problems we are facing in the world today,” junior Eric Vu said.

Immigration may seem like a big problem in the United States, and Francis is here to help us through these troubles we are having with this nationwide topic. Francis came to the United States to promote peace in many ways other than just speaking, including his great spirit and his wonderful personality. This could solve some great ordeals coming in the year of 2016 during the presidential campaigns.

Francis will seek to persuade America that its great wealth confers special responsibility. He visited America to help out and give some great advice to the United States. The pope can really help the United States and many other countries in moving towards to peace.

“These words the pope is saying can really change the perspectives of many Americans today, and we can change to become more unified,” junior Ian Quintos said.

Students see these words from the pope as inspirational, and they believe that he is here to change the world for the better.