Girls volleyball begins winning streak against Beckman High


Kathy Valentine

The 2015-2016 varsity girls volleyball team take their team photo at Corona del Mar beach.

On Oct.13, girls volleyball won against Beckman High (3-1) and moved into second place in the Pacific Coast Volleyball league.

The team members said they were very confident heading into the match, having just defeated Northwood High on Oct. 9 in a difficult away battle. Players such as senior Cece McWilliams were a lot more optimistic about the season ahead thanks to the return of junior Milica Mirkovic.

“I feel like with her back, and a lot of the new people, everyone is a lot more confident in the way they are playing, which really shows on the court,” McWilliams said.

Still, Beckman High was a strong side with a respectable overall record of 17-7 and a victory over girls volleyball team last season. This was a confrontation between two full strength sides, a rare occasion for the girls volleyball team, which has been plagued with injuries thus far.

“Some of our really important players have gone down to either injury or illnesses and have been out for awhile, and we are just finally getting everyone back,” coach Alan Ho said.

Despite some early mistakes that led to a defeat in the first set, the team remained optimistic and united.

“Even though I was looking at it, and I was like, ‘Ok! Maybe we lost the first one,’ after our win against Northwood last week, I knew we had the ability to win it,” senior Sydney Tekstra said.

Although girls volleyball battled back and won the next two sets rather comfortably, the team faced a challenge to its winning streak in the fourth set. With the game score tied (24-24), the crowd reached a deafening volume with fans hoping to rally their team. Ultimately, a block from Tekstra sealed the victory with a score of 3-1.