School spirit: something to be celebrated?


Students not allowing themselves to indulge in the complete high school experience, by missing school events, are robbing themselves of worthwhile experiences they would have benefited from.

Surely, the dilemma of rolling out of bed, spending time getting ready and shelling out money for non-mandatory school events might be a discouraging idea for some to grasp. It is only when one gets through the barrier and actually partakes in these events that he/she realizes every preparation was absolutely worth it.

School spirit, never-ending memories, tightening friendships and an overwhelming sense of unity with the rest of the student body are things to look forward to. School events provide some of the most vividly memorable times, most of which are only possible during the narrow window of high school. Of course, they also make for some of the best photo opportunities!

Aside from all this, let’s face it – we all need a break sometimes. The pressures of cramming all week and fighting the urge to take involuntary naps should not be all you remember of your high school years. You are young, and this is your time to rack up fun experiences before the pressures of the real world creep up on you. There are educational opportunities unable to be learned in textbooks, found nowhere else but school events.

Rini Jablonski, senior and ASB member, is a consistent participant.

“[Participation] gives you a sense of belonging in the school and makes your four years more bearable,” Jablonski said.

Cheer for fellow Warrior athletes, be emotionally vulnerable in the drama department’s plays, show off your dance moves at school dances, and take part in a variety of clubs. Days down the road, you will miss what you did, and years down the road, you will miss how those things made you feel.