Champions of entertainment


Photo courtesy of Claudia Veuishi

Students salute the crowd following their performance in the competition.

On Nov. 21, Entertainment Corps rebounded from a transportation set-back to finish second in the California Marching Band Championships at Huntington Beach High.

A mix-up with the bus company left a vast majority of the students stranded at school. Meanwhile, in Huntington, an air of uncertainty rose among percussion members when they realized they were the only ones who actually made it to the competition.

“We were all pretty stressed about unloading quickly and hoping that the rest of the band would get here before we performed,” junior and synthesizer player Kat Canellos said.

Fortunately, with the help of several parents as well as the track team, which lent its bus to the performers, everyone was able to make it to the championships.

Come showtime, the Corps rallied together and put on what was described by junior and trumpet section leader Karen Smith as “The best show of the year.”

Interviewed members of the Corps were very proud of their second place finish and were very satisfied with the way they finished off the competition season.

“I mean first would have been nice, but I don’t even think it matters at this point because we are really happy with the show we did,” Smith said.

This year’s show, titled “The Giving Tree,” has brought the Entertainment Corps a significant amount of success. Interviewed members of The Corps had a lot of fun with the show and preferred it to last year’s Winter Wonderland theme. Even those who were not necessarily fond of the theme at first quickly warmed up to it and put on quality showings throughout the season.

“It was kind of iffy at first, but once we actually started it ended up being really cool and a really fun show!” sophomore and color guard member Samantha Neely said.

Entertainment Corps leaders now reflect fondly on a year of improvement and look forward to the next competition season.

“I’m just really proud of our final performance, and I’m not nearly as upset of how we got second compared to last year, because I know that we all gave it our all,” Smith said.