Make a pawsitive impact this holiday

This holiday season, you have the opportunity to give a gift and get a gift right back: an animal friend to love and give a second chance to.

Nature Squad, an animal-loving club at school, is set out to make a difference for animals this season and beyond. The club organizes earth-oriented activities, animal shelter support, volunteering days at parks, collection of donations to pass on to needy animals and more. It provides a place for animal lovers to come together and turn their passions into actions, making differences, big and small, in the lives of the animals they are helping.

“The Nature Squad is indeed a squad; my goal this year is for our club members to become a big family. I am excited for the things that don’t exactly save the world, but let us nature lovers get together and have fun,” freshman and club president Alisa Khodos said.

n the spirit of the holidays, the club organized a donation drive of pet supplies that ran from last week to its second and final week. The drive enables students unable to give a furry friend a home a way to still partake in the season of giving, and to do so from the comfort of their campus.

The pets in cages need your love! You can donate anything that you think will make them happier, such as pet food, toys, blankets, supplies, etc. You can donate in the Main Quad,” Khodos  said.

As an additional opportunity to give back, the club also promoted the “Home for the Holidays Fair” on Dec. 6 at the Irvine Animal Care Center from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. There, more than 500 pets were given the chance to instantly find loving families. Nature Squad helped bring the event to public attention; word of mouth went a long way.

Giving back to those who give the purest, unconditional love (animals, of course!), is something many students might not have initially considered. However, there is no better way to give a gift that keeps on giving than giving a critter a second chance. Helping those who cannot help themselves is what the spirit of giving in December is all about.

Khodos is determined to keep giving back to the animals and encourages those interested to join her, through the holiday season and beyond.

Those of you who love nature, this is a great club for you. It’ll be a super fun year!” Khodos said.