Square One Pizza wins high ratings fair and square


Photo by Ashima Kundu

Square One Pizza offers bountiful selections in their signature shape.

Located at the intersection of Alton Parkway and Jeffrey Road, Square One Pizza Cafe is a newcomer in the complex and does not disappoint with its fresh new recipe for unique pizzas.

As I stepped into the cafe, I began to feel a calming effect from the neat and tidy, modern but minimalist decor inside the restaurant that allowed me to slow down after a busy day at school. A large menu right above the cash register made selecting my meal and ordering a breeze.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the menu of Square One Pizza. Not only did they have a lot of appealing non-vegetarian options, but there was also a wide variety of vegetarian and gluten free options on the menu that would allow people with all kinds of diets to enjoy the food.

After ordering a coffee and a tomato basil pizza, I sat in a simple table near a glass panel that allowed the sunshine to stream in as I waited for my meal. The meal arrived within ten minutes and did not disappoint.

Unlike many conventional pizzas, Square One Pizza uses a thin crust and shapes its pizza in a square shape, cutting the pizza into small rectangles rather than the classic pie shape. The thin crust of the pizza was just right and went really well with the tomato sauce and cheese. Even after sitting for a couple of minutes, the tomato sauce and tomato did not make the pizza soggy, making Square One Pizza one of the best thin crust pizzas I have ever had.

One downside to the pizza was that although it is great for one who is seeking a light lunch that may not seem as unhealthy while eating, those looking for a substantial lunch may find that it takes quite a large portion of the pizza to feel full as the pizza “slices” are much thinner and smaller in size in comparison to that of a typical pizza.

All in all, Square One Pizza seems to have a bright future with its unique and delicious pizzas and overall calming restaurant ambiance.