DIY the write way


Photo by Kelli Burell

Sip up the results of the coffee mug

In need of an inexpensive, easy and thoughtful gift for someone for the holidays? Searching for something to do with your friends over winter break? Your search ends here! This DIY is incredibly simple, and the end product is stunning!

Materials: plain white mug, Sharpie Paint Pens* (colors of your choice) and an oven.

*Sharpie Paint Pens can be found at our local Michael’s and JoAnne’s and cost roughly $3 each.


1) Purchase a plain white mug(s).

2) Choose the color Paint Pen you wish to use on your mug.

3) Decide on your design. If you are struggling with finding inspiration, roam the Internet! By just searching “DIY Sharpie Mugs” in Google Images or on Pinterest, you can find hundreds of different design ideas, like this website:

4) Start drawing! Just let the creativity flow out of you!

5) Allow your mug to dry. Keep it in a dry place for at least one hour.

6) Set your design by baking the mug in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Baking your mug will allow it to become dishwasher safe.

7) Let your mug cool, and then it will be ready to use!

These mugs are an easy way to spice up and personalize your old mugs!