The global warming debate heats up


Global warming is holding society back from its true potential. If humanity wants to continue to succeed, then action must be taken to find other resources to lessen the amount of global warming that is occurring on our planet.

According to CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller, the Earth became 0.98 degrees Celsius hotter than the average temperature, which is 16 degrees Celsius. This measurement was taken in October  2015. This is the highest average temperature reached compared to normal in Earth’s historical record. If we continue to use resources such as fossil fuels, coal burning, and burning trees, our Earth will begin to heat even more.

El Nino caused this record-breaking temperature. According to Miller, this El Nino is statistically expected to be the strongest ever recorded. El Nino is also expected to cause  Earth to reach the two degrees of warming threshold, which measures the temperature of the Earth. This increase in temperature can only cause a negative impact on the planet.

According to CNN’s John Sutter, wildfires can significantly increase, hurricanes would be more intense, more species would be at risk for extinction, the ice at the Arctic poles will continue to melt and the availability of fresh water throughout the country would decrease significantly due to increased Earth temperature.

In order to prevent these events from occurring, people must take action in saving energy and using natural resources to receive power.  Examples include turning off your lights when you leave your room to save energy, using smart cars that run off electricity instead of gas and reducing the amount of energy we use around the house. Doing this can help save our planet and even better ourselves in our everyday lives because it will allow the use of natural resources to save energy and cause less damage to Earth. Using natural resources can better prepare ourselves for disasters such as El Nino in the future.