Stress: Counselor Q&A

Q: What are the main sources of stress for students?

A: Sometimes we see family stress, and sometimes we see academic stress, and they are distinctly different. Family stress is generated from a situation at home, and academic stress tends to be the stress from trying to be successful. Sometimes students struggle to find a balance in their academics, and that creates stress.

Q: What are some healthy ways that students can relieve their stress?

A: We have Wellness Wednesdays twice a month, and they’re designed exactly for that. It gives students different ideas on how to deal with stress.

Q: How can talking to a counselor help cope with stress?

A: Counselors provide a place for students to feel safe and to share some of the things that are going on, whether it may be academics or family. The ability to share that with someone, that process itself can be a stress reliever. Certainly the hope is that the counselor and the student would be able to work to come up with some ideas to help the student resolve the stress.

Q: How can stress negatively affect one’s health?

A: The biggest factor that we see is anxiety. Stress creates anxiety, and anxiety can be overwhelming for a lot of students.

Q: Is there a way to overcome stress?

A:  I don’t think that anyone can avoid stress 100%; stress is a part of life. How you develop skills to learn to deal with stress is probably the best long-term way to look at it.