Give Students Freedom!

With the graduation requirement of two years of physical education or sports, high school students with full schedules such as myself are unable to fit these periods into our daily schedules.

I strongly believe that we should be allowed to gain P.E. credits from activities held by sports clubs such as the Ultimate Freesby Club and the One Goal Club.

In addition to sports and P.E.,  students are also able to receive exercise through activities held by sport clubs on campus. I believe this is the solution for students who do not have time to exercise in their high school careers.  

Despite being in P.E. and sports for a total of a year, I still am in need for yet another full year of P.E. credits. Since I am a junior with only a year left in highschool as a senior and a full schedule without any room for a sport or P.E. class, I am left to sacrifice one of my classes to fit it into my schedule.

Yet if I am able to gain credits through activities by sport clubs, I would be able to take all of the necessary classes needed to graduate and to fully prepare for college.

Students would not only be able to access interesting sports that are not provided by the school, but they would also be able to participate in these activities because they are typically held on weekends.

Ultimately, students should be given the freedom to choose how they gain their physical education credits, if the school approves of the sport clubs. Yet, this will remain only an idealistic dream until students request.