Market 2 Plate brings the market 2 you


Photo by Emily Manton

Salads are just the beginning of the healthy options offered at Market 2 Plate.

Inside the large, spacious Union Market in Tustin lies a small restaurant bringing big flavor through fresh food: Market 2 Plate.

Walking into the restaurant, I was instantly greeted by an employee who explained the menu. Market 2 Plate offers several noodles, sauces and meats that allow customers to customize their perfect meal. Customers can also add any kind of protein such as salmon, chicken and shrimp to salads. Numerous options and combinations will appeal to even the pickiest eaters.

I decided to order the “Chef’s Special,” which included spinach ravioli and a small caesar salad with salmon. The spinach ravioli was creamy, and the sauce consisted of fresh spinach with big flavor. Ingredients like lettuce, tomatoes, parmesan, onions and croutons tossed together created a fresh salad paired with classic caesar dressing.

Salads are made right in front of you, and the employee creating your leafy masterpiece makes sure the amount of dressing and croutons are to your liking.

Plates are moderate in size and priced accordingly, about $7 for all salads and pasta. However, the “Chef’s Special” was almost nine dollars, which seemed a little pricey.

I instantly noticed the bright color scheme and clean layout. Market 2 Plate has a modern vibe and a cafeteria-like set up. Bright- colored decorations make the establishment seem healthy and green.

Overall, Market 2 Plate’s delicious food and happy employees create a unique dining opportunity all can enjoy.