The meaning of life

Everywhere I look, I see people stressing over school and life. Every time I see them, I always wonder, “Is life supposed to be so stressful?” After a lot of thought, maybe not that much, I came to the conclusion that high school is only a part of my life.

I hear people always saying, “Just study in high school and get into a good college, and then you can enjoy your live.” But is this actually true? Is life after high school actually fun? Does it stay the same? Does it get harder? I feel like after deep thought I still don’t know answers to any of those questions.

I feel like we get so caught up with our grades that we forget to try things that we actually like. When I get older and reflect upon my childhood and teenage years, I think I will regret not trying things I like. I will regret not having tried things outside my comfort zone. I think there is a lot out there, and right now I have the opportunity to go out and explore, to try new things and to find my true passion.

I think I’m going to make this my goal for this year – find stuff I like to do and do it!



Ashna Paul