Every time a New Year comes around, I’m always determined to make the New Year more successful and fun than the previous ones.

I usually end up thinking of all the things that I could have done better or not done at all rather than all the things that I accomplished and I’m proud of in that year.

But instead of focusing on all the negatives aspects of life, the positive are better to focus on. They show us what we are actually capable of and motivate us to do better in the future unlike our setbacks, which can make us feel discouraged.

Our accomplishments not only make us brighter for tomorrow but also make us stronger while facing today.

However, I have just realized either way, we are making memories – whether it is our accomplishments or setbacks, whether it is good or bad, fun or boring, easy or hard, memories are made at every step of the path and should be cherished to their full extent.

Even though we are stressing about many things right now, in a few years, even a few days, they will become memories that we will be able to laugh at and will become trivial matters in our lives.

So this year, instead of making my New Year’s resolutions the usual “Work hard,” “Work out” and ending up giving up after the first day, I’m going to enjoy everything I do and simply make memories to treasure.



Ashna Paul