Students whoop for Kahoot!


Photo Courtesy German Sektor

Four different choices are displayed for students who use their phones to guess the correct ones

Video games have risen in popularity drastically in the past decades. Without noticing, our lives are increasingly “gamified,” or made into games. Teachers on campus are embracing this trend and starting to use review games as part of the classroom.

“Kahoot!” is a popular choice for review games among teachers and students. It is an online review quiz maker that allows students to buzz in answers using their smartphones or tablets. By making educational contents into games, teachers hope the increased interactivity will enhance students learning.

“I love Kahoot!,” senior Jenna Wu said. “It’s my favorite way to review for a quiz, but the downside is that it’s only fun if I do it in class with friends.”

Since Kahoot! is more fun with more people, it makes sense to play it in the classroom.

“My students will ask for [Kahoot reviews],” biology teacher Jaclyn Severn said. “It’s more fun for [students] than just going over review sheets.”

As an educational tool and a video game, a Kahoot! is incredibly simple to create and share. The only requirement is an account on the website. After an account has been created, teachers can create games by entering the questions and answer choices. Additional functionalities, a customizable timer, pictures and YouTube clips can be added right on the online game-maker.

“[Kahoot!] is really easy to modify. You can search up [games] other teachers have made,” Severn said. “A lot of times I just search [for premade games] and modify it to what I need.”

Kahoot! is a fun way to engage a whole classroom of students with minimal efforts.

“I wish all of my teachers would use Kahoot!. It’s a stress-free and fun way to study for a test,“ Wu said.