Book Sales offer students good reads for their English classes


Photo By Kyla Kim

English books correspond ti the English curriculum taught during semester.

From sport fundraisers at restaurants to musicals in the theater, there are ways students raise money for school programs. The book sale is another way  students can purchase their needs while benefiting the school. The second semester book sale took place Jan. 26 in the English building.

English teacher Christine Haley said that the book sales are helpful because by buying books on campus, students can spare themselves a trip to a bookstore.

According to English teacher Rebecca Roe, book sales are a beneficial way to offer students the resources they need for a good education.

“It’s a lot easier to teach annotating skills when students are writing directly on the text rather than transferring information on post-its,” Roe said.

Students also receive educational benefits from hands-on learning. Haley said that students annotating their books “allows for active, instead of passive, reading.”

Not only do book sales provide an easier way of accessing books needed for English curriculum, but they also decrease the amount of lost books that need replacing.

“At my old school we used to stagger when we taught things, because we had to share the same set of books, and lost books and spent a lot of money replacing books every year, but that’s not an issue here,”  Roe said.

One major benefit of the profits received from the book sale is the contribution to technology on campus. With the money, the school is able to buy resources for students.

“The English Department does make a small profit off of the book sale,” Haley said. “Those funds are used to purchase a variety of classroom materials: scantrons, computers, videos, [and] supplementary materials…we have also used the profits from the book sale to pay for teacher education opportunities such as conferences or time off to develop curriculum.”

With help from book sale profits, which according to Haley took many years to accumulate, the English Department was able to buy 40 Chromebooks and a Chromebook cart.

Chromebooks can further augment teacher curriculum,” Haley said. “The English Department will continue to use book sale profits in mindful ways that benefit our students.”