HoneyMee ice cream parlor lives up to its ‘buzz’

Since HoneyMee has opened its branches in Irvine in late fall, the unique ice cream shop has been serving up a new take on a universally-beloved dessert.
The Walnut shopping center on Harvard and Main location provides soft serve ice cream, shakes and teas topped with options from classic real honeycomb to add-ons such as coffee sauce. The menu is colorfully displayed on a line of television screens above the cash register.
Upon entrance into the cozy store, HoneyMee’s pride in cleanliness and organization becomes apparent. The store logo, a silhouette of a honeybee, stands out as a mural on the back wall,and the visuals of the menu options are intriguing.
On the right wall of the store is a shelved area with beeswax products available for sale, such as honey-based cosmetics.
Though relatively small in size, the store has a booth to sit in as well as several smaller tables. The workers welcome you with a smile on their faces, ready to take your order.
I decided it was fitting to try the classic HoneyMee, soft serve vanilla ice cream with a piece of honeycomb drizzled in honey. The cup of ice cream was well made to fit its picture description (almost too pretty to eat!), but it definitely exceeded my flavor expectations.
The vanilla ice cream had a perfectly creamy consistency, and the honey was not overbearing, as I feared it might be. The texture of the honeycomb made it slightly difficult to spread around the honey into the plain areas of the ice cream, but the ice cream and honey were a delicious combination.
All in all, I found the store to be well managed and inviting, and the food served to be worthy of the “buzz” HoneyMee has been receiving. I would recommend those who have a sweet tooth give this ice cream shop a try.
The classic HoneyMee, although their specialty, is but one of the many ways you can enjoy what HoneyMee has to offer. Go try it – you won’t “bee” sorry!