McCurry returns with a new position


Photo By Anamaria Sayre

McCurray attends to some of her new duties .

With the hustle and bustle of the new semester in full swing, students may not have taken time to notice a couple new faces on campus. A variety of new members have been added most notably new assistant principal Carlene McCurry.

However, McCurry is not exactly new to the school or its students.

“I was a teacher here for three years, and then I left and went to the district office as a teacher on special assignment for five months with the language minority program,” McCurry said. “And now I’m back as an assistant principal.”

While she had a short time apart from students and staff at Woodbridge, McCurry couldn’t bear to be apart from the students and staff at Woodbridge for too long.

“I always knew I wanted to be back at Woodbridge in this capacity, and when Ms. Clifford had to return to San Diego and I saw the position was open, I was really excited and applied,” McCurry said.

Students who knew her previously are just as excited to have McCurry back, no matter her new role.

“I worked with Mrs. McCurry in Warrior Nation last year, and now she’s our ASB admin contact,” junior Logan Prock said. “It’s great to have her back.”

Students who previously worked with her when she worked with the special education program on campus are especially excited about the new role she has taken on campus.

“[McCurry] has a lot of compassion for us students, and I am so happy she is part of our Warrior tribe,” junior Meagan Oefelein said.

Despite the fact that she has come back to a place she is quite familiar with, McCurry is now experiencing the campus in a whole new light, with her new position requiring a very different change of pace.

“As a teacher you’re instructing students in the classroom, but as an assistant principal you oversee a lot more,” McCurry said. “You have teachers that you work directly with, and you have students that it’s more than just classroom instruction. It’s making sure that all students are safe on campus and following through with some student discipline.”

Even with all of the new changes her position requires, it is still the same campus that will always hold a special place in her heart.

“I am so excited to be back, and honestly when I first drove back in on campus, the first time I was here, I knew I was home,” McCurry said.