New faculty members: backgrounds and goals


Alyssa Barrett

Social Science- Economics and World History

“I just moved here from Florida after teaching there for four years. I like it here, and the weather is good. I like Woodbridge and am excited to get to know (everyone here). I was teaching middle school before, so high school is a little different.”


Christine Noble

English-  World and American Literature

“I actually really like it here. The students are great, and I find my classes great, friendly, and I taught at Northwood High School for 11 years, and now I am here. There are definitely many differences, but there are positive things about both.”


Marci Boden

Office Assistant

“I love it here! The staff and the kids have been great. I like where I sit because everyone comes by this desk; it is a very team feel here, which is nice. My daughter went here, so it’s like old home for me. I was at University High School before for over eight years and at the [district office] for a short while in between.”


Dan Kozak

Writing Coach

“My job is working with the English language learners specifically and just be an extra person helping them with their essays. Coming from an English teacher background and just really enjoying writing and working at an international school of Krakow in Poland, so I had the background for this job.”